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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MIA but Definitely Using My Filofax!!!

Hi everyone!!

I realize it's been awhile since I last posted... things have been crazy with TWO teens in band and sports AND extra meetings, etc. for the oldest who will be soon traveling with the Iowa Ambassadors of Music to Europe in a bit over a month! EEEEEEK!!!  Time flies and there's ever so much to do before he leaves!!

And.... needless to say... my Filofax has DEFINITELY been used, used and reused!!

AND.... as you might guess... IF you're a Filofax junkie like me... I again, have changed the planners I'm using.  *sigh*  Do you think this EVER ends??? I doubt it.  Of course, the Filofax makers HOPE it never ends!  Which is, obviously, why they come out with new designs EVERY year.  Yeah... who are we kidding?  We WILL want to see new and we WILL find at least ONE we HAVE TO HAVE!!!

I admit though...with the latest release, I'm not totally hooked on all the patent designs.  The colors are awesome, but I'm really a leather girl.  So we will see how this all plays out.  I'm DEFINITELY NOT going to say... "NEVER" with this addiction.  LOL  See... some things I AM learning. LOL

So, you ready? Ready to see WHICH planner I am currently using.

Of course you can't tell from the photo, but... it's a pocket size.  The Blue Pocket Finsbury and guess what??? Uh huh... I LOVE it! LOL  Say hello to Belle... (bluebell of course... hee hee).  

I had been using my Raspberry Pocket Chameleon for the last few weeks so when Belle  arrived today, I HAD to switch her out.  Interestingly enough though, when I was moving things to Belle, I found that the Chameleon's rings were MUCH smaller than the Finsbury.  Is this normal?  Do any of you have both to compare?  I wonder if this happens in other planners which are of a different "species"?  

Now... we will continue with the "madness" of it all.  Here you will laugh or completely relate.

Today... I ummm... well... how can I put this "positively"?!

(Said quickly) in hopes that you don't think I'm crazy... (pffft... like it would change anything about me. LOL)... Today... I bought....




*clearing throat*  Huh? What?  You heard me, right??? YEAH... SO WHAT??? I bought TWO PERSONAL SIZE FILOFAX!!!!

Again... we learn from it all and, admittedly, I learned that I really REALLY loved the leather of my Malden.  Sooo... I bought a new one.  Because I DID sell my first.  Ok so... get over it, alright?? I replaced it with the same! ;-)

THEN... I sold my Fluro Pink Personal Original and.... wouldn't you know... the ONE color I had been wanting FOREVER... suddenly appeared for sale!  Yep.. the YELLOW Original.  Oy vey!!!!  I HAD to I tell you... just HAD to have it!!!  And look... don't judge me... my awesome son bought me a fabulous yellow MK purse for mother's day so I NEEDED this planner!!!  Yeah... that's right... sometimes I DO color coordinate! What of it??!!  ;-)

But seriously, you who have LOADS of Filofax.. you get it, right?  You KNOW how this can just be well... trial and error and well... total insanity!!!!

So I promise not to be gone so long again and when I return I'll share a few of my pages in the pocket Filofax so you can see how I work with the smaller pages.

Have a great day and remember... "Variety is the spice of life!".  :-)

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Prayer Planner Setup with Limetree Fruits...

Hello everyone!  I'm so happy to be doing a guest post for Raine and Limetree Fruits!!!  I absolutely love, love, LOVE color and if you're like me, you will TOTALLY love the printable planner pages and calendars Raine has created for use in just about any size planner!

I CANNOT think of one area that she has missed in creating these awesome pages!!  BUT... I am constantly amazed as she seems to come out with more and more for things I never even thought I needed!!!  Yes, it's suffice to say, I DO have TWO planners filled with her lovely bright pages and I'm contemplating a third!!!  

You need to hop on over HERE to see all the wonderful, yummy goodies she has to keep you organized and doing it with a smile when you soak up all the sunshine her pages exude!

Today I am sharing with you how I set up my Prayer Planner.  I have often wanted a place to write down those I wish to pray for and have used many other little notebooks and such, but they just weren't being utilized properly.  Well... with a boost of color and cheer, I am finding I love these printables and how they keep me looking forward to using them.  

For this planner... I used my personal size, Filofax Purple Patent planner.

I'll give you a walk thru so you can see how it's set up and how "I" use it for all my prayer needs and reminders.

Upon opening, I keep two pens in it.  Of course, I'm all about coordinating and Raine's journaling pages use these colors so I added my blue and pink markers. I have metallic sticky notes also to mark those things that I deem important and need extra attention.  And of course... I MUST have my Filofax cover page under my fly leaf.  :-)

Next come my prayer pages.  I love that there is room to make notes and remind yourself just why you're saying this "special prayer".


(I covered my list for privacy reasons, of course.)  I also want to point out that when I print these pages, I DO print them back to back.  If you know how your printer feeds in, it's pretty easy to flip the paper and print four to a sheet.  Also, I add a small bright pink tab to the top so that I can easily grab my Filofax and flip right to my prayer list and quickly jot down what I need to.

Following my prayer pages, I chose to add a few of the "Pick Me Up, Please" printables just to keep me focused on what I want and yes, sometimes to give me a lift when it seems my heart is heavy with prayers for those suffering, etc. I love these as I can take them out of my planner and carry them in my car or in my checkbook, etc. to add a bit of cheer wherever I'm at.

 Of course, there are blank sheets so you can add your own little "inspiration/cheer" or just a little note.

Next up... I added my month on two pages.  Mostly for journaling purposes... always nice to know the date when you start.

Then I add my journal pages.  Now I don't use this for a daily journal, though you certainly can, but rather I use them as a place to write my thoughts and detailed prayers that are needed and why.  I'll share with you one item on my prayer list is my Aunt's passing. I not only wanted to pray for her and her family, but in my journal pages, I added my feelings from the funeral and, actually, a request my cousin made of us during the funeral.  It's a great way to keep things that you DEFINITELY want to do other than just saying a prayer for the person(s) you've listed.

 Again, I added a tab so that I could turn to this page as I need to remember to fulfill the request my cousin made.  But, as you can see in the left photo, I have one of the bookmarker today/todo print outs and plan to punch and use it to mark my place in journaling.  Again, I printed these double sided.

From there I continued with my monthly layout pages and will add journaling pages behind as I go.  

I added a cute little tab at the top of each month's page.  Doing this gave me extra room at the back of the monthly pages to write notes to myself that I may not want to necessarily add to my journal and/or don't make a complete sentence. LOL

Just a little more space to throw sticky notes and little things to jog my memory.

And there you have it!  My complete Prayer Planner!

I'm sure there are other things I can add to this planner (as is usually the case once I get going) but for now, this is perfect for me and I feel I can more focus on those things that I feel need special attention or more meaningful prayers.  It's nice to have a note or two to remind you WHY or WHAT you're praying for rather than just a name.  I'm not getting any younger and they say the memory is the first thing to go. Either way.... I'm READY!!!  LOL

I hope you have a blessed day and remember stop on over to Limetree Fruits and grab yours.  Nothing beats beauty WITH functionality!!!  :-)   *HUGS*

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Color My World with Limetreefruits....

I am a REAL color freak!! In fact, my nieces see bright colorful ANYTHING and they immediately say... "Oh... Aunt Tina would LOVE that!!" LOL  Yep... I have a reputation for bright, colorful and eclectic.  And I'm sooo ok with that!  So, when I see something as bright and colorful as those two page makers in my Filofax above... I am in pure HEAVEN!!!!!!

Where?, did you ask did I acquire these awesome markers? Well... where else... Limetreefruits.com!!!  You MUST go there and check out all her FABULOUS colors!!!!!!!

Raine, Limetreefruit owner, created some of the most beautiful planner pages for both A5 and personal size users.  She just released her newest and greatest set ever of pages that cover so many different layouts!!! If you're like me, it's soooo hard to pick the ones I want you use!!!

Aren't they just GORGEOUS??!!! When I printed I never thought I'd have a decision to make of any kind... print, punch and load them ALL in my Filofax!!!  Oh no... not that easy.  Hee Hee  BUT... here's the best part.  If you're like me, sometimes you like to change things out now and then.  Well here you go... enough layouts to do just that!!!  OMGosh how much fun I'm going to have (AM having) with these pretties!!  

And the greatness doesn't end there!!!  HERE is a look at the front page Raine created.

HOW awesome... if you purchased her complete sets with more to come later, Raine will even personalize your cover with whatever picture YOU want included and whatever you want printed at the bottom!!!  I've had mine created with my darling husband and my name at the bottom.

I'm telling you this is like a "color freak's" heaven!!!!!  Make sure you go grab your beauties and oh yes... take your sunglasses!  Wouldn't want the bright pages to hurt your eyes.  Hee Hee

Thanks Raine, for creating ALL this fabulousness!!!  And thank YOU for stopping by today! *HUGS*

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mini Size Printables in Landscape...

Well well.... looky what landed in my little hands!!!  Yup... a Filofax MINI zippered Finsbury!! I cannot believe I actually decided to go ahead and get one of these little things.  Especially since my very first Filofax was a compact and I found it MUCH to small for my needs.  Here  I am with a MINI!!!  *sigh*  True signs of being a Filofax Junkie!!!  LOL

But, whereas I had NO clue about the size of the compact and wasn't prepared for it, the Mini, I was ready for.  I decided the zippered mini was just what I needed to convert to my wallet.

I have to tell you... I LOVE it!!!

I decided to keep written phone numbers and addresses in it for family members that I don't call often and don't keep in my phone but... I also decided it would be a good quick look at my calendar when I decide not to take my personal Malden with me.  Sooooo.... rather than try to purchase or find monthly calendars I decided to make my own.

AND... since my Filofax mini is RED.... AND... it is the Season... Merry Christmas to you all.... I am offering these "landscape" files I made for my mini to you.. free of charge.

Just click on the link(s) and save it to your computer.  I made a plain monthly calendar and address pages... the colored ones for those who want to brighten things up a bit and a basic black and white for you guys (or gals) who prefer not to add color.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

The address pages can be flipped in your printer and printed back to back.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!! *HUGS*

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Purple Dreams... DO Come True!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!!!

This happened one day.......

Then.. before I knew it... THIS happened a few days later.....

Yup. I FINALLY got my two DREAM Filfoax's.  (Is that hyphenated??  *shrugs* oh well)  So here I am... once again... confessing that yes... I HAVE changed my daily Filofax.  I know, I know.  I always seem to say... "this is the one!"  But yeah.. it wasn't. LOL

I never thought I'd ever get a Malden to begin with... ever.  And then... I suddenly fell in love with the personal Original Purple Patent.  What can I say... it's PURPLE!!!  

I DID/DO love my Originals... they lie flat right from the start.  And though at times I wish the outside finish was different... I KNOW they are leather and I LOVE the colors!!!!  

My other two (one I traded for the purple above)... were A5's and so this is my first personal size in the Original.  I really DO love it!  

And now you want to know HOW I'm using BOTH at once, right?  Well... ok.  I will tell you because... I HAD to tell my husband who cannot imagine WHY anyone needs to use more than one at   a time.  

My Malden... soft, lovely, purple Malden... is the one I use as a daily planner.  I use it and keep it beside me all day long.  It goes in my purse and with me everywhere!  I have a To Do, Notes, Important Things, School Band, Etsy Store, Quotes, Challenges I'm Doing, PenPal and Diary section in it.  This IS my main planner.

My Patent Original... is actually my Financial Center.  My Check Register, Expense Tracker, Account Info, Savings and  Due Dates Diary are in this one. And though I don't take it with me everywhere, I DO use it daily!  

But honestly, why wouldn't I??? They are BOTH beautiful planners and I cannot stand to not use them!!!  I'm not one to change my planner out daily or weekly even... unless, of course I'm selling or trading it.  But seriously... I don't like changing purses... I KNOW I'd not like changing my planner out.  

I still have the A5 Fluro Orange.  And yes.. I am using it... but not as you might think.  I'm actually using it to keep my "cleaning schedule", notes and cleaning tips in.  So though I don't refer to it DAILY, it is in use.  

My small pocket Raspberry Chameleon.  Yup... using it.  Just for an address book for family members.  Don't know why... unless my parents decide to have yet another HUGE party for their anniversary or huge Christmas party.  But, yeah... we have a HUGE family so I am using it for that at the moment.  Again.. not something I refer to daily but it's a nice way to keep them and I love the feel and look of the Chameleon.  

And there you have it.  My two newest loves and what I'm doing with them.  But you know, I must say, these Filofaxes I've gone through.... Nothing.  I mean NOTHING compared to the pens and markers I've gone through.  LOL  

More on that... later!  *wink*

Thanks for stopping by and make it a GREAT Thursday!  *HUGS*

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WO2P Planner File Design

I've created a new digital pdf file for the remainder of the year.  I LOVE color and I wanted a WO2P design that added some color to my page in case I decided I didn't have time to "spruce up" my week with washi, stickers and the like.  So I created my stars of rainbow colors!

These are now available in my Etsy shop... TinaGStudio... for purchase.  I have the entire 2014 year nearly done and will be adding those as well.  But for a small fee you can try them out and see if you like them with the remainder of the year.

They DO print back to back and instructions for doing so are listed on the Etsy post.

I also have a few other designs ready to finish as well.  Keep your eyes open and check back regularly in my Etsy store.

As a bonus... if you shop my store... stampsdujour.com... we will give you this file FREE when you purchase a stamp set.  This sale will only last until the end of December, 2013.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to check here, stampsdujour.com and the Etsy store - TinaGStudio for new designs.

Have a great day!!! *HUGS*

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Stamping and Filofaxing....

It is with much happiness that I introduce to you my new company... "Stamps du Jour"!  I have long been a stamping crafter and designer for many stamp companies and so it was natural for me to find a way to help decorate and bring attention to events in my Filofax.  After months of looking around, I realized there were no real "planner stamps" out there.  Sure there were stamps for those who make calendars.  Most of those were aimed at wall style calendars but none were really small enough to do what "I" wanted to use them for; so, I decided to create a line of stamps specifically designed to use in your Filofax and/or planners.  
My first thought was portability.  I want a stamp I can carry with me and use whenever the desire to accent or decorate my pages hit me.  With this in mind... my stamps are all credit card size storable!
Simply put them in your credit card page slots!  Perfect!!!  AND... all the stamps are created with quality polymer resin which, unlike rubber stamps, does not create a lot of bulk.  I have all three slots with my stamps in them and there was no noticeable bulge in my planner nor did I have an issue closing the strap.

Now, throw a Memento Dew Drop ink pad in your pencil case or purse... a small acrylic block and your set.  Stamp anywhere, anytime without carrying a whole bunch of bulk or weight!  I love it!!!

There are many designs/sets I have plans for but here are just a few.

All Holidays

A stamp for just about every Holiday of the year.  These will fit in a small monthly page or just on your weekly pages of your Filofax!

Check it Owwt!
A great whimsical designed checklist of items you want to remember to do that day!  Fits perfectly in a personal size planner day space as well as a pocket size day.  The owls are a fabulous border.  Stamp it in several colors to border your page or day with colorful owls.  And the pencil can be used as a border as well as just an accent/reminder tag for an event you want to tag.  Or, use it to "check off" those books when you've completed each task.  Have fun with it.. again stamping in several colors.

Stop by our Stamps du Jour and grab a "blinkie".  Our new stamps should arrive soon and we'd love to have you share photos on Instagram of how you're using them.  #stampsdujour

As always, I appreciate your stopping by and hope you have a fabulous day!!!!

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